10 minutes

This is yet another teaching story. It is told that a great Empress had a son. And this son as usually kids do, did not want to make exactly what parents told him. This one had a problem regarding, well...promptitude. Every time when he was asked to do something he always delayed that task with 10 minutes. So basically when his mother was saying him to go to dinner or to make his homework or to do any other job he always completed: " Just another 10 minutes ! "

Years had past and the boy grew. He joined the army maybe for learning more about military leadership. He even assisted in a battle that his empire was involved. In the time of battle he was told to move away from that sector where he probably acted as an observatory. But as usually his old habit entered the scene and he delayed the task with yet another 10 minutes. In this short interval a strayed bullet struck him deadly.

The dead grabbed him because " just another 10 minutes " ... The story teaches about how important consequences can have even the most insignificant behavior mistakes.

The story of a greedy Turk

It is said that once upon a time there was a great Turk warrior who won numerous fighting tournaments and made a really great fortune. He gathered gold and money, jewels and artifacts, a great value. As almost all rich men the richer he got the richer he wanted to be more, greed and selfishness grew in his soul like a weed over flowers. Although he gathered so much he was more proud about his wealth than his combat glory. But his greatest challenge wasn't yet to come. In a journey as usual as any other with a ship a terrible storm appeared like from nowhere. Soon its power destroyed the boat and all the crewman and passengers went overboard. In despair the people implored the Turk to help them, as he was among the few who can endure such punishment from nature, but his vicious character did not allowed him to do that. His demons even put the value of his life under the importance of his gold. In that despaired moments he chose to grab two cases with gold, jewels and money and made an effort to rich a nearby shore. But as he got very close to the beach the strain paralyzed his heart and made him incapable to swim further on. So the Turk died just because he wanted to save his fortune.

So what this story teach us? Some times the material things that appear that can help our lives are exactly the ones that can put an end of them.

Could Mars be the second Earth?

As many scientists said before humans existence is not linked only by this planet but with its continuation to other locations in space. There are disturbingly numerous causes of total annihilation for human specie as giant meteor/comet collision, unstoppable pandemics, nuclear wars and others. This is just one of the reasons that humans would have to consider leaving planet Earth in the future, not only for survival but for massive expansion through out the Universe. Colonizing planets or even Terra-forming them would be an important asset in this mission, as planets or other space objects can be used as base operation for in depth space expansion and exploration.

Without doubt the first two space objects which humans will have to use to build space stations on them are Mars and Earth's Moon. But Mars although more distant than Earth would probably provide the biggest assets as it is the most closely related planet to Earth in our Solar System. Its atmosphere is more dense and provide more protection from radiations and micrometeorites, its gravity is more powerful than Moon and more similar to Earth, at its poles on Mars was discovered ice and from this maybe in future missions water will be extracted. There are scientists that also think to transform Mars into a second Earth using for example greenhouse gas such as carbon dioxide to increase the temperature of the atmosphere. So Mars will be surely the first candidate on Terra-forming.

But more difficult tasks rise from the lack of space technology humans have and also their weakness in front of the enormous physical and psychological challenges a mission to Mars would demand. Also there are enormous costs for equipments and research. On space there are dangerous radiations that can endanger human life. In a mission outside our atmosphere an astronaut said that he could not sleep due to the radiations and micro-particles that interact with his retina and so even when he was trying to rest he saw sparks and lights. On Mir cosmonauts chose to sleep near some lead batteries to shield their head from radiations.
And this can be just a clue of how much quantity of radiations can exist in space. So the ships would surely have to use some extra space for radiation shielding, fact that will complicate the things even more. The psychological issues can arise when people are stuck in small places and even for large periods of time as a Earth-Mars travel. From past experiences astronauts can become anxious, nervous and can even start fights between them.
After spending a lot of time in just a single cramped place astronauts can simply became eager to finish their mission or escape some how from there which can lead to superficial work. They tend to skip important details and this can be detrimental for their activity. Even more bones and muscles tend to get weak losing mass during zero gravity so after a few months of space flight they can find themselves useless on the arrival on Mars.

Those are just a few of the colossal requirements that people must fulfill in their mission to Mars. But although almost impossible to achieve, this task would be surely completed in the future due to humans incredible resilience in face of challenges, as they proved this a long their entire history.

A strange hypothesis about the birth of the Universe...

In the present there are scientists that presume the fact a black is nothing more than a Universes creation machine. A black hole have probably three main parts: the invisible disk or hallow around even the light bends is getting caught and finally pulverized by the great gravitational force in the its middle point called singularity, a wormhole which is more like a shortcut in the space-time continuum and finally is presumed there is a white hole which is kind of the opposite of a black hole. But new scientist presumptions state that actually at the other side of a black hole might be a Big bang phenomenon, which can give birth to another universe. So if there are a lot of black holes this means there are actually a lot of other Universes created maybe in other dimensions. Even now humans' science is too poor developed to give an answer for these questions because of the enormous researching difficulties.

Following this hypothesis can be said that even our Universe was made by a black hole who appeared in another Universe. Maybe at the start was just one black hole and from it another Universe was created. But this Universe, if was similar with ours created a lot of other black wholes which at their turn created even more Universes who repeated this pattern and gave birth to an almost unlimited number of Universes.

But as it is said that the more you know the more you comprehend you don't know... another big question rises... who created the first black hole?

What's the use of the email from the Contact page?

Some how almost all the sites have this page but it is barely used by someone. I tried to contact by email some bloggers these days to ask them some blogging stuff but neither of them responded. I think there can be 3 reasons: first, the Contact page is just a formality or a 'must have" for bloggers to appear professional; second they create it and just forget to check the email; third, they create it and just do not want to respond. I don't know what of these options really apply but I do know using emails from Contact page especially from blogs is simply not what it was designed to be...

Polls from Blogger bring visitors...??

I had a poll using a Blogger platform script and guess what? On Statistics it shows me that the freakish poll brings some visitors to this blog... I wonder how that happened and why? After I removed it the few plus visitors that came everyday suddenly disappeared which means it was not a Statistics error or confusion. I thought maybe the extra traffic came from other pages but in Statistics was interpreted as it came from the Poll. Anyway I still can't find any answer...

Movile cave, a proof that alien life may exist?

Movile cave is a new discovered cave at Mangalia, near the town of Constanta in the South-East of Romania, just near the Black Sea. First was discovered a small underground lake with sulfur and thermal water. Then another small related cave rooms had been discovered. The water in these underground compartments is coming from the depths of the Earth and is composed by rather small amounts of methane gas and sulfuric hydrogen. The air inside the cave is very poor in oxygen and the sun beams can not enter... and from this, all the mystery. Researchers believe Movile cave contain an ecosystem unique in the world because the creatures that evolved in there are not using the conventional resources as oxygen, sun light and indirectly the photosynthesis. In the cave were discovered small creatures like scorpions, snails, worms or bugs totally adapted to live in this environment. Some how at the base of their survival is an organic substance which rises on the surface of the water. It has nutritive properties.

The most important lesson scientist learned from this discovery is that life can appear and be sustained even in the most hostile and surprising places. Is just a small hint about what other creatures may be found on the entire Universe....

Yellow kiwi has better antioxidants concentration than green kiwi

In a study conducted by the University of Tokyo, the antioxidant concentration of the yellow kiwi fruit proved to be superior to that of green kiwi. This means that this exotic fruit has even more health protective capabilities. Antioxidants are molecules that can fight the free oxygen radicals who accumulate in the human body. Worse is that these free radicals are also forming by natural causes and are responsibly for premature aging or even sever diseases as heart and blood circulation affections, chronic nerve system maladies as Parkinson or Alzheimer and also even cancer.

There are a lot of other great fruits with antioxidant power as well: blueberries, acai berries, blackberries, strawberries, exotic fruits as oranges, grape fruits, bananas or even the more common apples, pears, peaches and apricots. But arguable "berry" family fruits are presumed to have the best antioxidant properties among all.

One of the most strange aliens story

One of the most strange alien story about I read, supposedly happened in Mexico in the year 1953. I read about it in an old UFO book and for some time I thought the storyline was inspired from a movie or something.

So in 1953 a young farmer from Mexico was visited by some small humanoids that came to his ranch in a medium size silver lens shape object. The ship glowed in the sun. The small creatures were about 1.50 meters high and had similar aspect to humans although with very discreet differences. The spoke with the farmer in a good English language and showed themselves friendly. The first reader answer here is why the human farmer did not get scared. Maybe this was part of their strategy to try contacting a less informed and educated person from country side that is not influenced by TV or radio or UFO invasion books.

The continuation is more than I previously read about third degree aliens contact and such. Usually the story ended right here with a small chat between humans and visitors. But not in this case. The farmer tells how he presented his family, his animals and his household. They even ate and maybe drunk together. Then the most interesting part happened. They ask him to go on the trip to their planet, which after a so friendly approach of course he agreed.

There are no very detailed technology statements about the interior of the space ship, but he describes it like a metal egg in which all entered and where perfectly sealed from outside medium. There are no narrations about command panels or command systems either. Maybe he stayed in a separate room from the command bridge. Usually at flying saucers it is said that this is situated on the upper part of the saucer, maybe in that dome that is sometimes mentioned by peoples who saw UFOs.

After the ship left the ground at some distance from the Earth they also attached to a mother ship maybe more suitable for long distance travel. In there he said something about beds or some rest rooms as he recalls about falling asleep during the most of the flight. Perhaps because of the informational shock he received, being so close to such advanced and out of this world creatures and technologies.

The mother ship they used was speeding with great velocity through Cosmos. He said he saw the Earth transforming from a giant blue ball to nothing in a very short time. When he asked the aliens how this amazing speed was obtain they said the ship was using some sort of electromagnetic propulsion. Between the planets they said there are electromagnetic waves that can be used for space travel. Their mother ship used that waves like a boat is using wind. But no in depth science and engineering stuff was mentioned.

When he waked up he was near the aliens' planet which means the flight lasted not longer than a few hours. There, he made another comments about the speed of the ship miraculously dodging another aliens ships that swarmed the near outside of the planet. When they finally arrived on its surface the farmer said it was actually a giant sky skyscraper. There were massive buildings which even had some sort of garden or glass houses on their top. Intriguing fact is I saw a documentary on TV which presented as future possible projects exactly what that guy described in 1953: building roof gardens in the big cities for pollution reduction and food production.

Then the most doubtful for the all story happened. The aliens took the farmer to some sort of free food restaurant and then to a place where peoples from Earth were. They were took from Earth just like the farmer was, the friendly way and they liked there so much they never wanted to come back. Just a few statements about other alien vehicles were made (some very similar from ours) and then he returned on Earth. In this part I don't understand why they took him after all? Just to drink something in a light years away cafeteria? What was the purpose of his mission? Maybe they conducted secret experiments on him when he was asleep during the space flight...

Anyway the story continues this time the farmer being the host for the alien visitors. He said they hid their flying vehicle under some garbage and let them examine the animals and plants from the farm. They also obtained samples by each specie they got. The Mexican farmer spoke even about animals that were took by aliens. Then, they went away and never come back.

It is hard to say anything about the veracity of this story but some elements like that gardens that even for today are future stuff, the strange handling and performance of the alien ships at very high speeds and even the common appearing of the small alien visitors maybe should motivate us not to consider it from start the result of someone imagination.

The biggest galaxy

The largest galaxies in the Universe are the elliptical ones. The biggest galaxies can hold over 1 trillion stars. They appeared not long after the birth of the entire Universe and that's why are very old. In comparison with a elliptical galaxy, our galaxy, the Milky Way has just about 100 billion stars.