10 minutes

This is yet another teaching story. It is told that a great Empress had a son. And this son as usually kids do, did not want to make exactly what parents told him. This one had a problem regarding, well...promptitude. Every time when he was asked to do something he always delayed that task with 10 minutes. So basically when his mother was saying him to go to dinner or to make his homework or to do any other job he always completed: " Just another 10 minutes ! "

Years had past and the boy grew. He joined the army maybe for learning more about military leadership. He even assisted in a battle that his empire was involved. In the time of battle he was told to move away from that sector where he probably acted as an observatory. But as usually his old habit entered the scene and he delayed the task with yet another 10 minutes. In this short interval a strayed bullet struck him deadly.

The dead grabbed him because " just another 10 minutes " ... The story teaches about how important consequences can have even the most insignificant behavior mistakes.

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